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Understanding how rational fertilisation works

Mechanism of action of an alkaline fertiliser

Applying basic calcium-magnesium soil fertilisers is an age-old agricultural practice.    Find out more...

Topsoil acidity :

Soil acidity is a complex phenomenon. Today there are several techniques for measuring soil acidity.   Find out more...

Soil structure :

Confusion over the action of the base and that of calcium or magnesium long reigned. It was mistakenly believed that the two minerals were responsible for the rise in a soil's pH.   Find out more...

The soil's chemical equilibrium :

Applying a basic calcium-magnesium fertiliser has a direct influence on soil fertility.   Find out more...

Soil biology :

Applying a basic calcium-magnesium fertiliser restores the soil's biological equilibrium.   Find out more...

Fertiliser uptake by plants :

Oxyfertil® boosts the fertiliser units' effects by controlling the soil's acidity.   Find out more...

Agricultural case studies

Lhoist has launched a vast programme of field trials and regularly publishes objective answers to your crop science questions.

What are the roles of calcium and magnesium in plants?

What are the roles of calcium and magnesium in animals?

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