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Grain maize/corn

Express your maize's varietal potential

Calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) are two indispensable minerals for maize:

- to ensure optimal emergence (baked soils)
- to improve maize's water intake and
- to improve fertiliser uptake.

Magnesium is crucial for the plant's growth: Between the 13 and 16 leaf stages, more than 50% of the magnesium is taken up in 14 days.
The solution lies in supplying the right amount of each element. Grain maize/corn has well identified requirements:

For better water retention

A regular supply of calcium oxide (CaO) will improve your soil's structure, which will be reflected in better water retention.

pH, a yield factor

Like most crops, maize is sensitive to the soil's acidity. By decreasing topsoil acidity, you enable your maize to express its productive potential to the fullest.

Using Oxyfertil® will increase your yields by helping to lower topsoil acidity.

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Foliar fertilisation
Despite the presence of nutrients in the soil, root intake is not always sufficient to ensure good plant growth. A plant can experience occasional food supply flaws.

Agriculture Balthazard & Cotte has developed a foliar fertilisation range that provides the plant with an alternative source of minerals. This is the FOLIOSTIM® range.

The STIMPHOS® solution allows for maize's specific sensitivities (Mg, Mn, and Cu) in order to eliminate the effects of climatic stresses and enable the crop to express its productivity potential to the fullest.

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